New Jersey Academy of Audiology (NJAA)

Our Mission

The mission of the NJAA is to promote audiology as the primary profession in New Jersey for the delivery of hearing and balance care and to facilitate the ability of our members to identify, diagnose, treat, and prevent hearing and balance disorders through professional education, public awareness, and research initiatives.

Induction Loop Legislation

Induction Loop Legislation #A5464 has been introduced in the NJ Assembly and is currently in the Assembly Housing Committee. To move this legislation along, HLAA-NJ needs you to write to this committee's members urging them to consider this bill and recommend that it be moved out of committee. Please feel free to create your own letter or use the sample letters linked below. The HLAA-NJ requests that they be copied on any letters that are sent (INFO@HEARINGLOSS-NJ.ORG) For more information about Induction Loops, see the HLAA website.

The committee members are:

Committee Member

e-mail address

Assemblyman Benjie E. Wimberly

Assemblyman William W. Spearman

Assemblyman Clinton  Calabrese

Assemblyman Robert D. Clifton

Assemblywoman Mila M. Jasey

Assemblywoman Holly T. Schepisi

Assemblywoman Britnee N. Timberlake

               Sample letter for Individuals Who Use t-coils.docx          Sample letter for Audiologists.docx

               Sample letter for Audiology Students.docx                      Sample letter for Lay Persons.docx

Single License Update

Update: The Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology Advisory Committee met on January 21, 2021.  During the meeting it was reported that the regulation implementing the Audiology Single Law is moving along in the administrative review process.  It was moved out of the Director’s Office in Consumer Affairs on January 12 and is now in regulatory review.


The Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology Advisory Committee met on December 10, 2020. The good news that was discussed at the meeting is that the Committee received only two comments; both of which were positive and in support. This means that there will not be any changes or delays. However, at the meeting the regulatory analyst for the Committee indicated that the language needs to be reviewed yet again by the Division of Consumer Affairs, the Office of Administrative Law, the Attorney General’s office and Governor’s Counsel. This review will require many attorneys to be involved in this process as it proceeds to publication for final adoption. Unfortunately the analyst indicated that this process will require a minimum of six months before the final rules are adopted and published in the New Jersey Register. Once published in the New Jersey Register audiologists will be authorized to dispense hearing aids without the additional hearing aid dispensing license.

Given this information, the New Jersey Academy of Audiology recommends that those audiologists who dispense hearing aids renew their hearing aid dispenser license before the expiration date of the license.

Message from the President

Alot has changed in the past few weeks. The Corona Virus has affected our lives and audiology practices.  Below are reliable health resources pertaining to protective measures and updates. NJAA is here to support our members in this evolving landscape. 

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
NJ Department of Health & Human Services   
COVID-19 Information by County  


Induction Loop Legislation #A5464 has been introduced in the NJ Assembly and is currently in the Assembly Housing Committee.

Who We Are

Founded in 1992, the NJAA has served as a resource for professional and consumers in New Jersey. As audiologists we are professionals who use all of the tools at our disposal to identify and treat hearing, balance, tinnitus and other auditory disorders in individuals across the lifespan.

Board of Directors

President - Donna Goione-Merchant, AuD
Past-President - Janet Koehnke, PhD
Vice President for Education - Faith Mogila, ScD
Vice President for Professional Affairs, Robert Woods, PhD
Vice President for Membership - Alex Malyarovich, ScD
Vice President for Communication - Ann Marie Olson, ScD
Secretary - Michelle Niedleman-Kennedy, AuD
Treasurer - Joan Besing, PhD

Why Become a Member

As a member of NJAA you will have access to:

  • Reduced registration fees at Continuing Education Events and the Annual NJAA Conference. The Conference is an exceptional continuing education opportunity that brings in outstanding and well-respected speakers and researchers in our field.
  • Professional leadership opportunities on NJAA committees.
  • Access to the Member’s Only Area of the NJAA Website
  • Access to the membership directory as well as networking opportunities with fellow audiologists throughout New Jersey.
  • Access to legislative updates for both state and national issues.
  • Access to the New Jersey Speech and Hearing Association Conference at member rates

NJAA Events

  • No upcoming events

The New Jersey Academy of Audiology (NJAA) is dedicated to promoting the public good by fostering the growth, development, recognition, and status of the profession of Audiology and its members. NJAA is a 501c(6) professional, non-profit organization.

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1515 Broad St., Bldg B, 
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